Q. What is Consulting?

Consulting is a professional advisory service. It is a form of providing help on the content, process, or structure of a task or series of tasks, where the consultant is not actually doing the task itself, but helping those who are.

Q. Why should I use a consultant?

a) To achieve organizational purpose and objectives

b) To solve management and business problems

c) To identify and seize new opportunities

d) To enhance learning

e) To implement changes

Q. What are the phases in consulting?

a) Entry of the consultant

b) Diagnose the issues

c) Action Planning

d) Implementation

e) Termination

Q. What is the difference between management consulting and business consulting?

Management consulting is confined to functions, subjects and problems regarded as part of management. However, business consulting is a wider concept and portfolio. It’s a “one-stop” professional service which includes management guidance, employee training & development, solve complex business problems, create business value, maximize profit, and much more.

Q. What is the minimum / maximum period required for consultancy to bring result?

Minimum 6 months to 1year of consultancy service is required for making changes within your organization. However, this may vary according to the complexities of business. There is no such maximum period as certain organizations are continually seeking consultancy services for their next level business growth.

Q. What should I do to avail the service from Onward Business Consulting & Training LLP?

Send an email or give us a call. We will make an initial assessment of your requirements and provide different proposals.

Q. What are the service packages “Onward Business Consulting & Training” is providing?

We have different consultancy plans according to your prerequisite. It varies from daily to weekly visits by our consultant. This is coupled with the visits of senior management consultant and strategist.

Q. Who should seek business consultancy services?

Anyone, who wishes to elevate their organization to the next level, irrespective of their current position.

To deliver proficient advice to our clients to solve complex business problems, create business value, and maximize profit.

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